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Arilaf the Elven Crown Princess

This is the first piece for a personal project, the idea is to design a couple of characters and units for a fantasy card game, just as a personal challenge and of course to update my portfolio :)

Arilaf is the crown princess of the Elven Empire, and it's rightful heir as the firstborn of the former emperor Bellerion, but four hundred years ago when the emperor disappeared, under unusual circumstances, the empire fragmented into several city-states, some of them feel to the incursions of "lesser races", now Arilaf seeks to reclaim the Empire provinces, as a charismatic and wise leader she found no difficulty to rally armies, political and religious allies to her cause, but some city-states refuse the call and are willing to fight for their independence, no stranger to wars she fought side-by-side with her father in many battles and proved her worth as a powerful fighter who prefer to fight on foot in the frontlines.